A message from Roger Partridge

thumbnail of catalogue_July_2016Dear Fellow Members of S.P.S.,

Due to health and eye-sight problems I have very reluctantly decided to give up collecting and sell off all my material – as none of my family were ever bitten by the philatelic bug! As we no longer have an auction and having already sold my ship’s mail and the very specialised “Scandinavia in the First World War” collection, I am trying to sell the more routine items by auction through a well-known ‘stamp-shop‘ a few miles from my home. I thought it might be of interest to members so I have asked if I can put a link on the SPS website which will connect you to their relevant pages. The sale is on 2nd July 2016 and I hope that you find some items that you want.

Good Hunting and Best Wishes to All!

Roger Partridge.

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