Spinks Meeting – 30/11/2019

My very sincere apologies to those members who made the effort to get to Spinks for 10.00 am yesterday morning only to find the place was closed. The meeting never was planned to start at 10.00 am although that was the time stated in Contact. I’m aware that 2 members travelling from well away from London were affected and there may well have been others. The meeting at Spinks have always started at 1.30 pm and this was no different. Next year we will have printed programme cards so there won’t be any doubt. The London meeting will be at a different venue and that will start at 10.30 am. The reason for the change is simply one of cost. A day meeting at Spinks would cost us £250, whereas the Kings Head will cost us £25.! My apologies also for not spotting the error in Contact.

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