Packet Advice

Advice to Vendors

What do we do?

The Society with almost 450 members maintains regular packet circuits, usually with up to 25 packets in circulation at any one time, bringing Scandinavian philatelic material to members’ homes. Each circuit is comprised of approximately 20 members in the following areas:

Denmark including the Danish West Indies

Finland including the Åland Islands and former Finnish territories such as Eastern Karelia

Iceland, Greenland and the Færoe Islands



Scandinavia – general packets covering all countries in Scandinavia

We have also sent out one country packets containing covers only and individualised packets can be created for extensive sets of material such as Swedish Cancellations, Norwegian covers etc.



Material should be of good quality, this does not mean expensive, but in good condition with good quality cancels when used.

Common middle period material from the 1950s through to the 1970s is difficult to sell, mainly because most collectors have these items.

There are buyers for recent mint and fine used material, but few members want “space-fillers”, and material described as “blunt corner perf” etc. Unless they are very rare, they do not sell. See pages 4-7 for further information.



Stamps must be well mounted on one side of the page only and the selling price entered above each stamp in British currency. If you use Hawid or similar mounts please space them out so that members can sign for material, and don’t cut them in half to save expense. The stamps fall out!

Booklets should have a maximum insured value of £250. The same valuation applies also to cover envelopes.


Covers and other material

First day covers, in volume do not sell well. Non-philatelic commercial or domestic covers are likely to be more appreciated by members. Covers at prices of up to £100 have sold, as have packets with 20 covers at a pound each. Quality and clean material is the key. Covers coming into Scandinavia with Scandinavian markings are also of interest. Please make sure that covers are numbered in pencil, or enclosed in numbered plastic protective pockets. We will not accept unnumbered items because they can be confusing and lead to mistakes.


Stamp Booklets (Frimærkehæfter)

These are heavy and quite difficult to include in volume in any packet. We will not circulate material which comprises only stamp booklets.


Run of the mill, black and white or sepia cards are unlikely to sell, especially if they are common views of capital cities. Cards in colour with busy street scenes from provincial towns, or cards with social or historical connotations are likely to sell at a premium. Remember that cards are heavy and members are unlikely to be pleased to receive heavy parcels of unwanted cards.


Non philatelic material.

We have buyers for poster stamps, Christmas seals, propaganda labels and other ephemera.


Trial Booklets and Packets

We are willing to send out trial booklets of unusual material, provided that it is of good quality. New, bespoke, circuits can be created if required.

Examples might be packets of poster stamps, perfins or Christmas seals. Contact the packet secretary if you have a trial packet that you wish to discuss.


Booklets and Cover Envelopes

The cost of booklets is 15p each. Cover envelopes are currently 15p each.

In order to simplify transactions in respect of ordering and paying for postage and packing, booklets and cover envelopes, we will deduct the cost from our next remittance to you. In the event of no material being received for sale within three months, vendors will be invoiced for the full cost in the usual way.

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