Dear Steve. Re NSH revenue stamps. I assume you ar…

Dear Steve. Re NSH revenue stamps. I assume you are referring to the Norwegian stamps?

Nasjonal Samling, (abbreviated NS), was a fascist/nazi party in Norway that was active in Norway from 1933 to 1945.
Founded by former minister of defence Vidkun Quisling.
The stamps were approximately 19mm x 18mm and used as a wartime revenue stamp or dues stamp. Quite rare. I’ve only seen pictures of them as I suspect many of the few produced were destroyed in an attempt to eradicate evidence of the right wing ideas of the Quisling supporters post war.

During World War II, the Norwegian Legion was formed by the Waffen-SS on 29 June 1941 in German-occupied Norway. Coming under the control of the 2 SS Infantry Brigade, the Norwegians occupied positions at Krasnoye Selo near Pushkin in February 1942. For the next two months the Legion took part in the siege warfare around Leningrad. In May 1942, the Legion was withdrawn for a rest, returning to the front line in June 1942. It again became involved in major combat in February 1943, as the Red Army mounted an offensive across Lake Ladoga. The Legion left the front in the spring of 1943, having suffered over a 180 casualties in a year. During that period it had been reinforced by the 1 SS and Police Company under the command of the head of the Norwegian Allgemeine-SS, Jonas Lie.

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