Using The Library

Using the Library

Selecting a book

The entire Library list is on the website and printed copies can be obtained from the librarian. The online library is searchable by the country the book relates to, year, author and country. You will also see a list of postage prices. We will return to this column shortly. If you are unsure if the Library has a book on the topic you require, the librarian will be happy to assist as far as possible.

Select the book you wish to borrow, though a maximum of 3 in one transaction and submit the request via the website or though a personal email or telephone call.

The Librarian will then dispatch the book/s to you by regular mail

The Society will pay £2.50 towards the postage to you (though donations are accepted), anything above that you will have to reimburse to the society, so have a look at how much the parcel cost to get to you!

This is where the postage column comes into play. Though not 100% accurate it will give the borrower an idea how much a book will cost in postage, though this may very well vary if the book is old or in bad condition and need extra protection in transportation. (Remember! Royal Mail charges extra for items larger than A4 sheet of paper and/or thicker than 15mm) including the envelope

The arrival of your book

With your book/s will be a delivery note in 3 perforated parts

The top part enumerates the length you may keep the book and contact details of the Librarian should you require an extension to your loan book and is for your records

The bottom part must be returned immediately to the Librarian with the balance above £2.50 laid out for postage. Cheques and un-mounted mint British stamps are acceptable as payments (especially for smaller sums)

Looking after your book

The borrowed book/s are the responsibility of the borrower to ensure it is kept safe and in good condition throughout its stay with you

Returning your book

The second perforated part is returned with the book when the deadline for the borrowing expires and is a cover note for the Librarian detailing the loan transaction. Postage back to the Library is entirely at the members cost.

Before returning your books you must phone or email the Librarian to ensure he is available to accept the return. He may be away and it will be your responsibility if you send it back un-authorised. YOu may therefore under circumstances get a small extention on your loan.

It is very important to be aware that books can get damages in transit and appropriate protection must be used to ensure the book/s safe returned, it is your responsibility to ensure this!

You MUST obtain a receipt (proof of posting) from the post office in case the book gets lost. You must retain this for two months after having been returned. As you will already have been in contact with the Librarian ahead of your books return, no further communication will be entered into, unless your book does not arrive as expected. If your don’t hear anything you can assume it got there safely. Enjoy!

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